Research Scrapper

We have 5 research scrapper that would make researching target for your CPA campaigns a breeze.

1) Search Scrapper

We extract unlimited URLs from Google Search engine both from the paid and organic results.

2) Competition Scrapper
Want to know the top 10 competitors of the offer that you are promoting? Now you can easily with our competition scrapper!

3) Keyword Scrapper
Results pulled directly from Keywordspy API, now you can have ALL the keywords of any website that is being list in Google and for multiple countries!

4) Similar Scrapper
What are the websites that are very similar in nature from your offer so that the audience that you market to will be relevant? We got that covered for you here!

5) Index Scrapper
Want to scale your campaigns by getting all of the visitors from your profitable target? Use index scrapper to get all the subpages of that domain indexed in Google!

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Landing Page Builder

1) Landing Page Creator
Our landing page creator software makes building landing pages as easy as a stroll in the park! With easy drag and drop interface, uploaded with PROVEN PPV templates that we are using, you could be creating your first winning PPV landing page in no time! Absolutely no technical knowledge required!
Don’t know how to link your lp to CPVLab? Don’t worry because we have already done it for you!

2) Landing Page Downloader
Don’t wish to create a landing page from scratch? Our landing page download tool allows you to download your competitors landing page with just a click of the button. It’s really as easy as that!

3) Landing Page Size Checker
Are you driving traffic from different traffic source? The pop up size may not be the same with different traffic source. Check out how your landing page looks like on different pop sizes here!

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Our Spy Tools

Our spy tools that allows you to spy on what your current competitors is doing! We pull data directly from BoxOfAds free API and you can now see the top 10 results! Definitely a mini BOA that can help you increase your CPA profits!

1) Advertiser Spy
Advertiser Spy allows you to find 10 competitors who are promoting a particular offer.

2) Target Spy
Target spy allows you to return advertisers who are bidding for a particular URL.

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Keyword Tools

Our keyword tools are built at helping you with your PPC campaigns.

1) Keyword Trimmer
Allows you to remove long tail keywords that are long and useless and allows you to focus your energy on the higher volume profitable keywords.

2) Keyword Combine
Want to build a huge list of keywords when you are scaling your campaigns? Now with this tools, you can build a huge combination of keywords easily and quickly with our keyword combine tool!

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Our Misc Yet Amazing Tool

1) URL Shrinker

Allows you to shrink your long tail URL into just the root domain so that you can get more volume when you bid on your PPV traffic.

2) URL Modifer
Having a profitable target and wish to get more variations of that target? You can get 50 simple and proven variations with a click of your mouse now!

3) Create Pixel
Hasoffers, Cake, Hitpath pixel making you confuse of which postback url to use? Our pixel generator can accurately create your postback url for you across all CPA marketing platforms!

4) Search Query Generator

Bidding on search query for PPV Network can get you some really cheap and targeted traffic. Our search query generator can generate query strings from Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing and also Amazon search engines.

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